Easy Rider (or how 15 existing EU directives are being replaced with five regulations)

4 Oct

Riding on the crest of EU regulation

Motorbikes are going to have to meet tough new standards for safety and the environment under plans announced by the European Commission today.

Among the proposals is the requirement for bikes to have automatic braking systems.

And they will have to be fitted with equipment to turn the headlight on automatically whenever the bike is being ridden.
New limits for toxic emissions are also to be introduced under the proposals.
There is concern that while the number of accidents involving other means of private vehicles is slowly decreasing, there has been no significant fall in motorcycle crashes.

The move will also, hopefully, simplify legislation in this area. Currently there are 15 different EU directives governing safety and environmental standards. Under the proposals they would become five regulations.

Worth thinking about as you drive in the sunset tonight.


2 Responses to “Easy Rider (or how 15 existing EU directives are being replaced with five regulations)”

  1. Gawain Towler October 4, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    I was once told by a Commission officail in the filed that the reduction of motorbike accidents in the EU was an oficail target, and one that must be met.
    I asked if making it harder to get a licence and to drive at all therefore reducngthe number of bikes and bikers was part of the strategy.

    He said
    “You mean less bikes, less accidents? Yes that is part of it”

    • Eurogoblin October 5, 2010 at 9:09 am #

      Which is, of course, idiocy. By-and-large, motorcyclists accept greater risk (at least, the ones I know do) and feel it’s worth it. However, that doesn’t mean legislating for road safety is a bad idea (mandatory seatbelts strikes me as a good example).

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