Ooh, Brussels! is a new blog compiled by a British journalist currently based in Brussels.

The blog is aimed at a British audience and looks at the quirky happenings in the European Parliament and Commission and elsewhere at the heart of the EU.

Although light in tone, Ooh, Brussels! has a serious point: that the events that occur on a daily basis in the EU should not be ignored by the British press. In fact, EU decisions should be scrutinised just as much as those taken by any town hall in Britain, any parish council or the House of Commons.

The blog is neither particularly pro-EU nor eurosceptic but does argue that, instead of carping on the sidelines, or criticising from a stance of ignorance, European decisions need to be fully investigated.

Ooh, Brussels! is compiled by Johnny Erasmus, the nom-de-plume of the blogger. Contact him here.

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