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Seen this somewhere before?

24 Jul

Daily Mail

A fruity tale

Interesting to see that the Daily Mail yesterday ran a story that you read about on Ooh, Brussels! MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AGO.

In its typical Europhobic tone, the Mail’s article talked about the £12m “squandered” on the study, as reported on Ooh, Brussels! MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AGO that concluded that two apples a day keep the doctor away.

While I’m talking about this story, here’s an interesting blog post by the European Commission’s Antonia Mochan on her Euonym blog, exploring the myths associated with the Daily Mail’s story. She makes a fair point but, nevertheless, despite the Mail’s damning tone, it’s exactly this sort of expenditure that does need scrutiny. Just in a more intelligent way that the Mail usually manages.

Read it on Ooh, Brussels! first.

Where Johnny leads, others follow

20 May

In the pink

You read here on Ooh Brussels on TUESDAY about the success of Scottish fishermen in their battle against the European Commission, which has finally admitted mistakes.

And TWO DAYS LATER, the Financial Times caught up with their own take on the fishy tale.

It’s great to see that Johnny is leading the pack when it comes to European news!

Keep up boys and girls!

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