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MEP’s barmy tax plan

8 Jul

Just when we thought some financial and political reality was dawning on policy-makers in Europe, up pops a politician who wants to introduce a new tax to fund the EU.

Jutta Haug, an MEP from Germany, is to chair a European Parliamentary committee looking at the way the EU is paid for.

She wants all countries in Europe to levy the tax – this could be on their citizens or something more specific such as on bank transactions – and send the cash straight to Brussels.

We’d all like to see greater transparancy in the EU’s budget but you’re living in a dreamworld if you think governments around Europe could pull this one off.

Back to the drawing board Jutta.

And the costs keep rising

20 May

Piling up

MEPs, who never shy away from getting a bit more money out of our taxes if they can, voted yesterday to increase the cash they get for running each of their offices by €1,500 (about £1,400) per month.

They’ve also decided to hire an extra 150 staff to work at the European Parliament.

Oh, and they’ve already said that next year they want their office allowance (which is generally used to employ assistants) to go up by another €1,500 and have requested another 236 posts.

They say it’s all necessary because of the extra workload caused by the Lisbon Treaty.

It should be noted however, that MEPs from the Conservatives in Britain voted against the €1,500 rise.

Money well spent?

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