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A message from Johnny

23 Jul
As a relative newcomer to the European blogging community (Ooh, Brussels! has only been going for 10 weeks) I’ve been struck by how lively and thriving the EU blogging scene is.

Debate is informed and constructive and also close-knit: there seems to be a real network of readers and bloggers promoting the medium as a good way of communicating and discussing European affairs.

I’ve also been delighted that this close-knit community isn’t closed to outsiders. No sooner had I written a few posts, I was included on the EU Blogging Portal’s list and thanks to Twitter and bloggers such as Eurogoblin and Europasionaria and Greg H word has got around quickly. I’ve been pleasantly shocked at just how many readers return to read.

There’s a long way to go before Ooh, Brussels! is as good as their blogs, or as good as any of the others listed along with this one on the Fleishman-Hillard’s selection of Euroblogs or the Blogging Portal’s list of blogs.

(And while I’m on the subject, take a look at that list here, to vote for your favourite blogs before Sunday.)

This blog will develop over time but the idea will still be, primarily, to focus on a UK audience to try to make the EU relevant, interesting and written about from an unbiased perspective.

Thanks for you support. Please come again.


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