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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. No, make that TWO!

7 Jul

A core EU policy

Granny was wrong apparently.

That old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away has been revised by the EU.

They’re now saying we have to eat two apples a day.

A project funded by the EU to the tune of €13.8m (about £11.4m) discovered that two apples can help reduce cholesterol by 10%.

Its organisers also helpfully tell us that dipping apples and peaches in hot water at precise temperatures can reduce brown rot by 80% and remove e-coli and salmonella bacteria.

These findings make up one of eight research projects on food quality which are to be presented at the European Parliament tomorrow.

Johnny says: “I’m just off to dip my peach.”

Coach companies forced to compensate passengers

2 Jun
Indian bus

Slow coaches

Bus and coach companies might soon have to offer hotel accommodation up to €120 (about £100) if passengers are delayed overnight.

This already is the case with airlines but coach firms are likely to have the foot the bill too now.

Travellers will also be able to claim back the cost of the ticket if they are delayed by more than two hours.

Johnny is used to just nibbling on Twiglets when he gets delayed but he welcomes the news that he soon might be given money to get a roof over his head for the night.

This won’t be introduced just yet though because governments believe the European Parliament’s plans go too far.

They don’t.

EU can’t secure its own canteen, let alone its borders

1 Jun

I’ve been reading quite a shocking police report this morning.

On Friday, just yards from where I’m writing this to you now, a masked assailant raided the cash registers of one of the European Parliament’s canteen.

The crook snatched two cash boxes from the hands of a cashier and fled with about €1,200 (about £1,000).

Police searched the area and found a wig – but not the criminal.

Detectives say the man seemed “familiar” with the building.

It seems quite incredible, particulary at this time of increased vigilance due to the threat of terrorism, that security is quite so lax.

In February last year nearly €60,000 (about £50,000) was stolen from a bank on the European Parliament site and nobody has been caught.

It’s time to make this place more secure

And the costs keep rising

20 May

Piling up

MEPs, who never shy away from getting a bit more money out of our taxes if they can, voted yesterday to increase the cash they get for running each of their offices by €1,500 (about £1,400) per month.

They’ve also decided to hire an extra 150 staff to work at the European Parliament.

Oh, and they’ve already said that next year they want their office allowance (which is generally used to employ assistants) to go up by another €1,500 and have requested another 236 posts.

They say it’s all necessary because of the extra workload caused by the Lisbon Treaty.

It should be noted however, that MEPs from the Conservatives in Britain voted against the €1,500 rise.

Money well spent?

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