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Where Johnny leads, others follow

20 May

In the pink

You read here on Ooh Brussels on TUESDAY about the success of Scottish fishermen in their battle against the European Commission, which has finally admitted mistakes.

And TWO DAYS LATER, the Financial Times caught up with their own take on the fishy tale.

It’s great to see that Johnny is leading the pack when it comes to European news!

Keep up boys and girls!

Oh my cod!

18 May
Cod and chips


The European Commission has been forced to admit a mistake that left  fishermen in Scotland out of pocket.

Today the Commission came clean about an error in figures used to calculate the amount of fish fishermen are allowed to catch – and then sell.

It was a simple mistake to make but incredibly serious. The Commission mixed up figures in a table it produced between a column for the waters around the west of Scotland with a column dealing with the North Sea.

The trouble was, officials were using the table to work out how many days Scottish fishermen were allowed to take to the seas.

The mistake led to a 10 % reduction in the days they were told they could legally fish in 2007.

It has taken three years for the European Commission to admit this mistake, refused to do so at first, and only does so now following the intervention of the European Ombudsman.

A very fishy tale indeed.

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