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Beer, cake, birds

11 May
Fowl play

Fowl play

All eyes in Europe have been on the unprecedented move by the governments in the eurozone to agree a €750 billion plan to make sure countries don’t slide down the financial plughole.

But Johnny’s eyes (and a large part of his belly) are looking at today’s publication of another three products to add to the 900 the EU already protects in regulations to ensure food and drink produced outside the named area of origin cannot bear that place’s name.

You know, Champagne must come from Champagne, Parma ham must come from Parma and Kendal Mint Cake must come from Kendal. (I don’t think that is one, actually.)

And the latest are Hopfen aus der Hallertauthis is a German hops; Tarta de Santiago – some kind of yummy Spanish cake (Johnny’s tummy is already rumbling!); and, to crown it all, Pintadeau de la Drôme which, as you all know, is a young guinea fowl.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to tuck in.

Tasty meat glue

3 May
Meat glue

Meat glue

Don’t you think that meat glue sounds delicious? The European Commission certainly does.

It wants to overturn the ban on thrombin, a food additive which can be used to stick scraps of meat together.

Unfortunately for the commission, the European Parliament’s food safety committee has opposed this plan.

That will save us passing the sick bucket then.

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