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Hold the front page!

1 Jul
The end of the world is nigh

Newspapers want help

How ironic it is that the boss of a British newspaper that frequently spreads xenophobic myths about Europe is begging Brussels for help.

Yes, the Daily Mail, whose Sunday sister title broke the made-up story that the EU is going to ban selling eggs by the dozen, wants European Commission President José Manuel Barroso to urgently address the print media’s problems of declining profits.

Representatives of the Daily Mail and other papers across Europe told Barroso that the EU needs to open up the advertising market and take action against news aggregator websites so newspapers can charge people to read content more easily – something which the pressmen said the EU should help promote.

(Incidentally, you might like to know that the Daily Mail and General Trust, which owns the paper, made operating profits in the six months to April this year of £144m (about €175m.))

Newspapers such as the Daily Mail have spent buckets of newsprint year after year vilifying representatives of some industries, such as farmers and fishermen, for relying too heavily on EU subsidies.

It’s a bit rich that they want the EU to help out now.

And from Barroso’s stilted response it doesn’t sound like the European Commission is going to go out of its way to offer assistance.

And neither should it.

EU shouldn’t spy on our internet use

7 Jun

One of the EU’s own officials has called for it to scale back its plans to spy on people’s use of the internet.

The grandly titled European Data Protection Supervisor says that an idea fo monitor users’ web behaviour and collect IP addresses amounts to “an interference with their rights to respect for their private life and their correspondance”.

A good thing too. The EU tries at every turn to extend its tentacles into our private life, whether in the name of anti-terrorism or, in this case, anti-conterfeiting.

The EU wants a “three strikes and you’re out” policy on people who download illegally – by disconnecting their internet access – and that’s why they want copyright holders to be able to monitor internet users.

Let’s hope the European Data Protection Supervisor is listened to.

Otherwise Big Brother could be closer than you think.

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