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EU: No more mad cows

19 Jul

Mad cow

Bidding farewell to BSE

It seems such a long time ago that Mad Cow Disease first hit the headlines and British beef was demonised across the world.

Now, the EU is considering relaxing the rules it put in place to stop the spread of BSE all those years ago.

In fact the European Commission says the EU is “on the brink of eradicating the disease” in its territory thanks to its measures. I’m not quite sure EU officials can quite lay sole claim to that but then humility is never their strong point, is it.

A ban on meat and bone meal in feed for pigs, poultry and fish – which was imposed to prevent contamination to other animals – is to be lifted.

So it seems that, thankfully, the era of Mad Cow Disease, which started in the UK more than two decades ago and spread across Europe, illustrated by film of cattle thrashing about crazily, is finally coming to an end.

Johnny says: “A good moove.”

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