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Border-free Europe will cost more

5 Oct

The European Commission says it needs another €13 million to instigate its new hi-tech system of tracking people throughout the EU.

It will bring to €63 million the cost of the Schengen Information System II – brought in to help secure a continent no longer divided by border controls.

But the advantage of being able to travel from one country to the next without showing a passport comes at a cost. The SIS II system will consist of a database to help police share information such as car registration numbers and alert officials in other countries to people who have been arrested.

The system has been in force for seven years but with the enlargement of the Schengen area of countries (where there are little or no border controls at normal times – the area does not include the UK) better technology, using biometric data is needed.

It is hoped SIS II will be operational by the end of 2012.

EU can’t secure its own canteen, let alone its borders

1 Jun

I’ve been reading quite a shocking police report this morning.

On Friday, just yards from where I’m writing this to you now, a masked assailant raided the cash registers of one of the European Parliament’s canteen.

The crook snatched two cash boxes from the hands of a cashier and fled with about €1,200 (about £1,000).

Police searched the area and found a wig – but not the criminal.

Detectives say the man seemed “familiar” with the building.

It seems quite incredible, particulary at this time of increased vigilance due to the threat of terrorism, that security is quite so lax.

In February last year nearly €60,000 (about £50,000) was stolen from a bank on the European Parliament site and nobody has been caught.

It’s time to make this place more secure

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