The end of summertime?

29 Oct



Ticked off

An influential member of the European Parliament wants the practice of turning the clocks back and forward for summer and winter abolished.

Herbert Reul, the chairman of the parliament’s industry committee, says it’s a waste of time.

Many people will be surprised that the act of changing the clocks is actually governed by an EU directive.

One of the main reasons that Reul believes the practice should be done away with is that it doesn’t help Europe’s stated aim of saving gas and electricity.

It is likely that the European Commission would oppose any changes because they carried out a consultation into season time changes as recently as three years ago.

This argument has been lost, Herbert. Next!


One Response to “The end of summertime?”

  1. Simon Blackley November 22, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    The Directive is a fine example of the benefits of harmonisation. I remember when the UK and mainland Europe used to change the clocks in spring and autumn one or two weeks apart. For two full months every year no one in London had any idea what time it was in Brussels, or vice versa!

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