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EU makes phone calls cheaper

9 Jun

We’ve got the EU to thank for the new lower cost of mobile phone roaming around Europe.

In 2007 the EU decided to cap the amount that mobile phone operators could charge people from using their handset abroad.

Unsurprisingly the mobile phone companies challenged this ruling, initially in Britain, saying it was anti-competitive.

But yesterday Europe’s highest court, the European Court of Justice, judged that the EU did have the right to impose the caps, in the interest of consumers.


Before 2007 it could cost a fortune, sometimes more than £2 a minute to call from one country to another within Europe.

When the rules came in they limited the cost to 49 euro cents (about 40p) to make calls and 24 euro cents (20p) to receive them when in another European country.

Not bad – but it gets better!

Next year costs have to reduce further – to 35 euro cents (29p) to call and 11 cents (9p) to receive.

Victory for Europe! This is what the EU should be for.

And it means Johnny can now go interrailing and still phone his mum (Mrs Erasmus).

Over and out.

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